The Qmax Nano Air Management System is designed to energize air particles as it converts them into smaller particles while also energizing it to be more active. Its function is simple it also converts more helium from the air which in turn increases the total burning surface area and hence improved combustion. So essentially it works together with a car’s standard air filter to fully utilize the air sucked in resulting in the car performing to the best that it can be without any modifications. The Qmax Nano Air also provides protection for the engine from wear and tear with lesser carbon accumulations. As such, this increases the engine life span, helping it to perform with the consistency of a brand new car. With a bigger and cleaner combustion, it not only improves on the engine’s performance but reduces maintenance cost while decreasing emissions for the environmentally conscious. Also, Qmax Nano Air is capable to enhance braking system’s effectiveness, it works on the brake system with ‘Intake Manifold Vacuum Hose’ attached to master pump.

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